Program Template Creation

Administrators with sufficient authorization are able to add, modify, and archive Programs.

Adding programs is done under the Administrator section found by selecting Programs.

A program is simply a set of one or more objectives which may be assigned to any user (an "Individual" program) or a single set of objectives assigned to the group as a whole (a "Team" program).

The general steps to create a program are:

  1. Select Add New Program Template. You will be prompted to start with a new (blank) program, or to copy from an existing program. This will result in a new entry on the Programs page.
  2. Add Objectives (or "milestones") to the newly created program by selecting the program, and navigating to the Template. Each objective includes a title and description, and may have a due date. You can also add tasks to each objective. See Program Template Editing for more information about editing objectives.
  3. Add user(s) to the program by selecting Add user. You will be prompted to select the user(s) to add to this program. See Adding Users to Programs for more information.

You'll be able to monitor the program status on the Programs page.

Click on a user's status line to view details and make updates for that user's program. To modify the set of objectives for a program, click on the program title and navigate to the Template. Updates to the Template will be reflected in each user's program associated with that Template.

Example program list

As a final step, there may come a time when the program is no longer active. You can Archive the program to remove it from display. Data is not actually deleted. See Program Archiving for more information.

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