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This Help Center is intended to answer your questions. If it doesn't, send TrustedPeer Support a note and we'll provide you an answer and look to improve the documentation.

Accessing Help

Help Center is accessible from the header of every page. On desktops, click Help in the upper right corner. On mobiles and smaller screens, select the Menu icon , and then Help from the dropdown. Or just use the URL

Help is also accessible from buttons scattered throughout the application. Selecting one of these buttons will get you help specific to the page or field you're working with.

Starting Help should popup a new window rather than replacing the window you have. If you don't see the new Help window, make sure your browser is not blocking popups.

Help Page Layout

Each page has the same basic layout. In addition to the main contents, each pages includes:

  • ← Back Link, in the upper left, pointing to the previous help page you looked at
  • See also, if relevant, above the Search section. These are links to other help pages you might find useful.
  • Search, near the bottom. Type a word or phrase and we'll return matching help pages.
  • What this information useful? section below search. Feel free to click yes or no & optionally tell us what works or what is confusing or missing.
  • Still need help? section at the bottom. This includes a link back to the "top" of the Help Center, as well as instructions for contacting TrustedPeer support directly. (It's free and we don't bite.)

Common Styles

Many of the links within this documentation describe platform navigation. We use images matching what you'll see on University of Baltimore CEI Platform.

Symbol / ExampleMeaning
Clickable Link Links which include the pointer symbol usually refer to locations within the application. Clicking on one of these will open a new window to that page.
Links which are preceded with this refer to other pages within the Help Center.
Login When referencing items to be found in the page header, we'll visually use the same color as the site
Programs When referencing a item to be selected from the dropdown menu. The dropdown menu is found under Your Account ▼ in the header.
As User When referencing a particular dashboard. All dashboard are found by selecting Dashboard from the dropdown menu.
Calendar When referencing a tab on a dashboard
When referencing clickable buttons as they appear in the application.

More Help

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