Messaging is very important for this collaboration platform and are accessed by selecting the envelope icon in the heading.

If you have any unread messages, there will be a small red indicator next to the menu item.


Message Lists

The Message Lists includes an Inbox for received messages, and Sent for message you have sent (or have been sent by the platform on your behalf.)

See Message List for more information about using the Message List.

Message Details

Selecting a message from the list will display the contents and attachments of the selected message. Some messages include action buttons or other links, allowing you to confirm or reschedule a meeting or approve a work-flow. Messages may also contain file attachments.

In general, a message subject line is included in emails sent to recipients, the contents and attachments are visible only while signed in.

See Message Details for information about the detailed message view.

Program Chat

Programs allow you to chat with team members and other people working with you on a program. Internally, these are handled very similarly to messages. However, rather than putting unread chat messages in your Inbox, we add a red indicator next to your

chat icon. Follow that link to see unread chat messages.

Chat messages are different in that we do not immediately send emails or SMS text messages to recipients. Instead, if there are any unseen messages after about an hour, we send a single email (per thread) with all unread messages. If you're online actively chatting, we consider those messages read and will not send an email.

Note this means chat details may be sent through email, so be careful when handling sensitive information.

As with other emails, if the recipient responds, our Reply Bot will add the response to the Program Chat. Attachments which may be sent via email will get added to the Program attachments automatically. See Replying to emails for more information about our Reply Bot.

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