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Anyone can post Offered Skills. This help page covers:

  • Posting Offered Skills
  • Interacting with Team Building

Posting Offered Skills

The purpose of posting skills is to make information about yourself available to others. This allows you to tune your response such that it directly addresses how you can contribute to a Team. It is anticipated that you have only a single post active at any time.

To create your post, use

A form will be displayed with the Offered Skill Editor. Fill out the information and when ready, make the post Public. You'll need to do two steps to make it public: Select the Public checkbox and set a date for Published. The Title field should include your name to make it easier for others to find.

Select the View as Offered Skill link at the bottom of the form to see how it will appear to others.

Interacting with Team Building

Listing your skills allows team leaders to find you. They will may send you messages through the platform to find out additional information or your availability. You will be able to review their Team information from the Team Building under Resources.

At the same time, you should review the set of Teams, to see if there is one that seems a good fit for you. If so, you should proactively contact the Team Leader.

You can update your skill posting at any time. Use

and select the name of the skill post you're looking to change. This will display the same form you used to create your team. Edit your changes. There is no need to save as update are immediately visible. You can temporarily hide your post, if you like, but unselecting the Public checkbox. The form also allows you to delete your posting.

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