Duplicating Program Objectives

You can duplicate an existing program objective, copying it into one or more other, existing programs. This is useful of you've already created a number of active programs and need to update many of them with a new objective.

Anyone who can edit a program objective can duplicate an objective.

To duplicate:

  1. Access a program
  2. Make it editable by clicking Edit Page in the header
  3. Expand the objective to be copied by clicking the +/-
  4. Click the Duplicate... button in the lower right of the expanded objective.

A popup is displayed showing the set of existing programs for which you have edit permission.

Select one or more programs and press Duplicate and the objective will be copied into each of the selected programs. Tasks, and other information related to the objective will also be copied. Completion status or notification messages related to the objective will not be copied.

This list of programs may be sorted by clicking on any of the column headings. Initially, the list is sorted by the program Name. You may also sort by the name of the Group which manages the program, or the type of program. For type, we display either the name of the individual user assigned to the program, or the word [Team] if the program is assigned to a team instead of an individual, or the workd [Template] to allow you to copy an objective into a program template.

When objectives are copied, we try to place them within each program in the proper order, based on the Due Date of the objective (if any), as compared with the due dates of objectives already in the target programs. You can, of course, move (change, delete) the objectives by going directly to the target programs one-by-one.

To simplify selecting multiple programs, you can use click together with shift-click to select ranges of programs. For example, click on the checkbox next to the first row with a particular program name. Then shift-click on the checkbox next to the last row with the same program name. This will select all programs with this name. Press Duplicate and the objective will be copied into each of the selected programs. (We'll safely skip over the program if it holds the objective being duplicated -- don't worry about selecting or de-selecting the owning program.)

If you're a Group Administrator, you'll need to have Session Access & Recommend authorization on the group, to be able to modify a group's program.

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